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Different Types of Mooring

Location: mooring on the canal system There are three main different types of mooring; the marina, the on-line mooring and being a continuous cruiser. There are some other types of mooring and I will go in to them later on in this post. This is a marina mooring Marina mooring These are the moorings that are most like having a...

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London Canal Museum

Location: London Canal Museum, Battlebridge Basin, Regents Canal Today, I want to tell you about the London Canal museum. I visited there one rainy day when I was in London. It is a small museum, tucked away on the back streets (but backing on to a canal basin), nothing like the scale of the Natural History Museum that is also...

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Crick Boat Show 2018

Location: Crick boat Show 2018, Grand Union Canal, Leicester Line Crick boat show, that whirlwind of boats and boat equipment and generally nice things (I love the fudge). I went to Crick boat show 2018 as I have in 2015, 2016 and 2017. It was just as enjoyable this year as in the past three. For those of you that...

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Rickmansworth Boat Show 2018

Location: Rickmansworth boat show, Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Rickmansworth, Grand Union Canal Rickmansworth boat show has been going for 25 years and 2018 was another enjoyable year (I have not been all 25 times but I have enjoyed every time that I have been). It started in 1993 as a purely canal based festival, it incorporated the aquadrome in the festivities. It...

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Ware is the boat festival?

I am a member of several affiliate programs including Amazon LLC Associates, the links in this article may contain affiliate links from which I might receive a commission (at no extra cost to you), nevertheless I only recommend products that I like and trust because my readers are more important than a one-off commission. Location: Ware boat festival; Ware; River...

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