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Hi everyone, I’m Fiona, I am a part-time live aboard boater. That is until my boat the Tudor Rose is ready for full-time liveaboard use and I have finished my degree. I lean towards being a 21st century moderate hippy. I love technology and all the benefits it gives us, but I also care deeply about the environment and having time to stop and stare at the nature around me. (I do love tie-dyed clothing and the smell of lavender and roses as well). I want to learn a lot of the old-time crafts like knitting, crocheting, and lace making. Also kitchen crafts like jam and soup making (although not jam soup). I am hoping that when I set out cruising I will have more time to be able to pursue these hobbies.

When I set out I will be cruising around as much of the English and Welsh canal system as I can get to. I will be discovering all the little quirky places and delightful views that I can find. I will tell you all about the best ones. As well as all the lovely places I find I will be trying to find the history of places. This I will also share with you..

This is me in my favorite Christmas pudding hat

I have written a few books that I have published on Amazon, one is a book about how to make banana bread, Fiona’s Photo Cookbook – How to make banana bread and another is Facts for Facts Sake – 101 Random Facts. I will continue to add more links to my books as I write them.


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