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Me in my favorite Christmas pudding hat

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Hi everyone, I’m Fiona, I am a part-time live aboard boater. That is until my boat the Tudor Rose is ready for full-time liveaboard use and I have finished my degree. I lean towards being a 21st century moderate hippy. I love technology and all the benefits it gives us, but I also care deeply about the environment and having time to stop and stare at the nature around me. (I do love tie-dyed clothing and the smell of lavender and roses as well). I want to learn a lot of the old-time crafts like knitting, crocheting, and lace making. Also kitchen crafts like jam and soup making (although not jam soup). I am hoping that when I set out cruising I will have more time to be able to pursue these hobbies.

When I set out I will be cruising around as much of the English and Welsh canal system as I can get to. I will be discovering all the little quirky places and delightful views that I can find. I will tell you all about the best ones. As well as all the lovely places I find I will be trying to find the history of places. This I will also share with you..

This is me in my favorite Christmas pudding hat

I have written a few books that I have published on Amazon, one is a book about how to make banana bread, Fiona’s Photo Cookbook – How to make banana bread and another is Facts for Facts Sake – 101 Random Facts. I will continue to add more links to my books as I write them.

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    • Thank you, I will keep updating my blog every week until I go and start continuous cruising when I will have more time to be able to blog more

  1. Hi scribbler hope you have had good time on the boat trip at Dudley and found some more history about our area I enjoyed your company hope you have a good time
    hope you sort your boat out and come and see us again all the best
    Ps will keep an eye on your blog for your progress ta rar abit lol

    • Hi Brian, I did have a great time on the boat trip at Dudley. As you saw I took pages and pages of notes, I also went to Tipton library on Monday morning and spent a few hours there in the local history section while waiting for my train. I am looking forward to coming up again on my own boat, but that will be in the future as I need to get her all sorted out first (also do you know what kind of electric engine your trip boats have and how they are powered? I am looking at putting an electric engine in my boat). You gave everyone a great day with all your laughs and knowledge, I will be able to write several blog posts from all your information, at least one about the trip and more about the history of the tunnel and canals in the area. All the best, Fiona

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